Kids Stuff Turlock Rock and Gem Show
March 10th & 11th, 2018
Turlock Fairgrounds 900 N Broadway
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There are lots of things for kids to do at our show!

Touch & See

Ask for a free sample of Serpentine, the California State Rock.

A favorite display for all ages. This is an area where you may touch the items on the table to examine and ask questions. Touch and See tables include most of the rocks discussed in the California Earth Science Books for grades 2 - 8. Information is designed to reinforce the CA State Earth Science Standards.


Ancient jaws of Megladon, the largest shark to swim the Earth, will again be at The Tethys Ocean Project Exhibit.


We will have REAL FOSSILS on Display!

I Dig Gems and Fossils!

A new activity for kids! Buy a bag of dirt, screen it out and find the treasures hidden inside!

Magnetic Table

You don't need to be a kid to enjoy playing in magnetic sand.

Treasure Hunt

The treasure hunt is a fun activity for children of all ages to find several items located throughout the display cases. Take time to search with your children for each item then after you have filled in your treasure hunt form, turn in for a GRAB BAG from the treasure chest!

Wheel of Fortune

Our Wheel of Fortune is a large wheel with numbers on it. You spin it and watch until it stops on a number. You get to keep what ever is sitting on that number! You might win a tumbled rock, petrified wood, dino bone, coloring book or even a thunder egg

Geode Cutting

Buy a geode and watch as it is cut in half to expose the internal beauty!
Be the first person in the world to see the inside of the geode that was cut just for you.

There are several sizes of geodes to select from.

NEW Fluorescent Room

The Fluorescent display has outgrown the big black tent and has been moved into a room in building 1. Look for the FLUORESCENT ROOM sign in the main hallway.

Depression era Vaseline glass

Bead Bracelet Table

Kids will learn how to make a colorful bracelet from beads. They can choose from many, many different types and colors.

Mine Treasure

Watch as the little mine car goes around on a track into the mine and comes out the other side with a small bag full of treasure!

Gold Panning!

Learn how to pan for real gold from the experts. The Delta Gold Diggers will teach you the proper way to pan. And you get to take the gold you find!