Speakers Turlock Rock and Gem Show
March 10th & 11th, 2018
Turlock Fairgrounds 900 N Broadway
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Come see an energy packed, informative programs for kids of all ages!

Saturday Times
1:00pm Dinosaurs! by Richard Wade
2:30pm California Gold Rush History by Hardluck Lin
Sunday Times
12:00pm California Gold Rush History by Hardluck Lin
1:00pm Dinosaurs! by Richard Wade
2:00pm Sue the T-Rex by Neal L. Larson

Speaker times last updated: Feb 26, 2018

Speaker: Richard Wade

About Our Speaker:

Richard Wade

Richard Wade, M.A. creator of www.sciencetalks.com leads an interactive and fun demonstration of how the dinosaurs lived and died. Children will discover how a fossil is created. Richard will explain the geologic time scale from periods to eras to eons. His presentation includes a full-scale model of a T-Rex skull, as well as a 7 foot model of a brachiosaurus leg bone! Don't let your child miss out on this exciting visual and learning experience that brings the Earth's ancient history to life!


Speaker: Linda Teigland Clark "Hardluck Lin"

About Our Speaker:

Linda Teigland Clark

It's all in the hat...

When Linda puts on the hat and appears decked out in male miner's trousers and gear, Hardluck Lin emerges full of life, animated with brogue and personality.* Among the many hats Linda Clark has worn: native Minnesotan, California transplant, wife, mother, teacher, and Deputy Sheriff, her current is that of her living-history persona "Hardluck Lin", who today edu-tains, young and old alike, with authentic tales of the California gold rush and the westward movement throughout Northern California.

Linda will be giving a talk and you'll also find her at her booth this year where you can pick up a copy of her book.

THE SMALL WINDOW is a work of historic fiction appealing to both young adult and mature adult readers. Come share the more than 500 page adventure as Laurin struggles for "arrival survival" for herself and the young'uns and seeks her El Dorado.

Illustrations are by Lorna Scazighini of Twain Harte, California and Brian Boyle of Chula Vista, California.

In THE SMALL WINDOW: The Story of Hardluck's Beginnings, Clark brings to life the reality of the Westward Movement, the people and times of the California Gold Rush, and one young woman's valiant saga.

Speaker: Neal L. Larson

About Our Speaker:

Neal L. Larson

We called her Sue

Neal L. Larson is a self-employed geologist/paleontologist who has collected fossils for nearly all of his life. He has been involved in many different Tyrannosaurus rex digs including Sue (1990), Stan (1990), Duffy (1993), Steven (1994), Fox (1996), E.D. Cope (1998), Bucky (2001-02), Wyrex (2004), and Darwin (2013-14). He has also helped dig and restore many other major dinosaur finds including Kelsey and Lane Triceratops, a Stegosaurus, a Camarasaurus, an Apatosaurus, a Diplodocus, more than 10 duckbilled skeletons and hundreds to thousands of other incredible fossil discoveries.

Neal was very involved with the collection of the world’s most complete T. rex skeleton Sue in 1990 that later became the subject of a large legal battle for ownership between the US government, the Cheyenne River Tribe, the landowner and the people who found and excavated it. His talk on ?? will center on the discovery, excavation, preparation and the ensuing conflict regarding the ownership and eventual disposition of that dinosaur. This conflict almost resulted in the imprisonment of all of those who saved this fossil for science. A major documentary – Dinosaur 13 – was released in 2013 by Lion’s Gate regarding this heartbreaking story. Neal will relate to you photos, passion and life after Sue.

Neal, with son Luke and wife Brenda, currently operates Larson Paleontology Unlimited a fossil/earth science preparation, conservation and consultation company that helps and advises amateur and professional collectors as well as museums. Neal uses his experience to advise individuals, corporations, non-profits and others how to identify, develop, preserve, curate, display and purchase or sell their fossil resources. He is also a scientist who has described and co-described more than one dozen new species, two new genera, two new families and a new suborder of fossils with many more in the works.